Comedy and Canapes with Grondal Bruining

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The team at Grondal Bruining would like to thank our wonderful clients and supporters for joining us for an evening of Comedy & Canapes where we were thoroughly entertained by the stand-up maestro, Stephen K Amos. Stephen's satirical wit and polished delivery had us in stitches.
Managing Principal, Dean Grondal said "It is times like this where you look around the room and really register how far the firm has grown over the years. We never take for granted the trust our clients have in the team, and appreciated the opportunity to say thanks to them - having some great fun in the process."
Following Principal Yvonne Jansen's warm welcome to guests, Principal Gary Thomas shared his journey since joining the firm, and highlighted the closeness of the leadership supported by such a talented team who are all very focused on delivering the exceptional quality of service clients expect from Grondal Bruining. 
Then Stephen K Amos who didn't miss a beat as he delivered an hour of laughs. When not riffing with the audience (aka Fran and Xavier), Amos has us chuckling at his childhood experiences, views on social issues, Perth and the world in general. South Australia took a beating and he touched on why his hat is not a hat, but a durag (and with religious significance in order to get through airport checks). Throughout his clever anecdotes lawyers were of course a key target, much to the delight of the audience. 
A great night and thanks again to all our clients and supporters who took time out of their busy lives to join in the fun.