About Us

Our approach

We take a pragmatic approach and focus on what you need.

We focus on your commercial objectives – we work closely with you to deliver your goals.  Our advice is strategically focussed and pragmatic. Our industry sector understanding allows us to give advice that is commercially insightful, identifying commercial opportunities and risks, applicable regulatory requirements and market norms.

Our expertise

We know your sector, and invest in our expertise to remain at the cutting edge of developments.

A key aspect of our strategy is to have sector leading understanding and experience.  Our Principals have decades of experience, spent focussing on serving specific industry sectors.  This deep experience extends to all aspects of a particular industry, including acting for suppliers and consumers, retailers and wholesalers, service providers, and owners and operators of significant capital assets.

Our key team members all have leading industry sector expertise. Learn more about our external recognition.

Our value proposition

  • We provide direct access to senior lawyers, to ensure you are being serviced appropriately
  • We do this with the improved service consistency and efficiency that comes from industry leading lawyers with industry sector expertise
  • We are easy to deal with, and work collaborately with you and your team

We understand the challenges faced by in-house lawyers and commercial managers responsible for legal budgets.  We offer pricing that is tailored to your budgets and work with you in a transparent way to ensure that your reporting and budgetary expectations are met.